Kitchen Cabinet Hinges: Functionality is Important

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There’s no denying that functionality is as important as the appearance of your kitchen cabinets. Depending on what type of look you’re going for and the type of kitchen cabinet doors, there are a myriad of door hinges out there to choose from. Hinges can add that touch of elegance to any kitchen cabinetry, such as seen in the case of the butterfly hinge.

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Hinge Types

  • Hidden Hinge. These are also known as European hinges and cup hinges. They’re used in some instances if you don’t want the hinge to be seen on the outside of the cabinet. You can get some types of hidden hinges that close automatically. On a hidden hinge, one part is a cup and arm, whilst the other part consists of the plate.
  • Knuckle Hinge. So called because of the knuckle-like appearance in the middle of the hinge. This type of hinge is chosen because only the knuckle is seen when the door’s shut. It’s usually classified as a decorative hinge.
  • Butt Hinge. These types of hinges are also known as mortise hinges. They attach to surfaces that can be closed together. The metal parts are connected by a pin. A highly durable type of hinge, the butt hinge is great for areas in the home that experience a lot of activity.
  • Butterfly Hinge. Also known as surface mount or dovetail hinges, butterfly hinges are also a common type of hinge used in cabinetry. So named because of their butterfly-like appearance, the two sides of the hinge are connected by a pin. These are mainly used for light doors.

Picking the Perfect Hinges

The type of hinge you choose for your kitchen cabinets can impact the entire appearance of the kitchen. From concealed hinges to beautiful, decorative butterfly hinges, kitchen cabinet hinges say a lot.

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