A Rainbow of Color on Your OBX Kitchen Countertop

Apr 16th, 20111 Comment

Outer Banks kitchen renovationsLike traditional granite and marble countertops, Vetrazzo countertops offer a variety of color palettes for their customers to choose from. There are currently 19 color palette combinations, all made of their recycled glass blends.

Naturally Friendly

Vetrazzo offers a great alternative and eco-friendly countertop for your Outer Banks home, so it’s only a plus that they would have such a wide range of colors available!

Looking for demure, neutral shades? Try their new Martini Flint color palette. Like pops of color? Charisma Blue or Bistro Green are great colorful combinations for your new kitchen countertop. From rich, dark colors to light and airy colors, Vetrazzo has something for everyone.

The Color Palette

Every combination is unique in color and pattern. It makes having a one-of-a-kind kitchen that is much more accessible.
Here is a list of the current 19 combinations that they offer:

  • Champagne Flintkitchen countertop color
  • Martini Flint
  • Margarita Flint
  • Porter Flint
  • Floating Blue
  • Cubist Clear
  • Alehouse Amber
  • Alehouse Amber (with Patina)
  • Bistro Green
  • Bistro Green (with Patina)
  • Chivalry Blue
  • Hollywood Sage
  • Palladian Graycolor countertop outer banks
  • Charisma Blue
  • Charisma Blue (with Patina)
  • Cobalt Skyy
  • Cobalt Skyy (with Patina)
  • Cool Titanium
  • Glass House

Check Them Out

This beautiful color palette can be found at your Outer Banks kitchen renovations store. Choosing any of these colors for your kitchen countertop would absolutely light up the entire room, while also giving it character. You can check out these different countertops, as well as kitchen cabinets at CK Custom Kitchens Design Center.

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