Ideas for Your Kitchen Island on the Outer Banks

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The American kitchen has become one of the most visited rooms in the home, often taking the place of dens and family rooms.  A custom designed kitchen island can make your kitchen very comfortable for family and guests while keeping your work space clear.

When you are looking at kitchen islands, you need to decide what your island will be used for.  Here are some common uses for kitchen islands:

  • Food Preparation – This can include food preparation such as cutting and mixing as well as cooking with built in stovetops and ovens.
  • Dining – Islands are convenient for breakfast dining but can also be your primary dining area.  The various shapes of islands can make a stylish alternative to the traditional dining room.
  • Cleaning and Storage – Some islands are primarily used for dishwashing and kitchen storage.  This island usage provides a large amount of free area along the walls of the kitchen.
  • Any or All of the Above – Depending on the space available, you may want to utilize your island for a variety of kitchen needs.  A well designed kitchen island can take the place of many kitchen areas typically located along the walls.

When deciding what your kitchen island’s primary use, keep in mind some of the things that can be built into your island:

  • Sink and dishwasher
  • Stove top, oven, warming oven, microwave
  • A small refrigerator, freezer, or low boy cooling drawers
  • A variety of cabinets and unique storage areas
  • Hanging racks above the island (designed to not interfere with cooking or exhaust)
  • Multiple levels – Your island can have more than one level.  This is quite attractive and helps to separate dining areas from preparation and cleaning areas.

Custom Kitchens can design and install a kitchen island to suit your needs and desires.  With decades of experience renovating Outer Banks kitchens and a wide variety of materials to choose from, we can make your kitchen dreams come to life.

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