Best Hardware Solutions For Your Kitchen

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Top Hardware Solutions From Outer Banks Kitchen Renovations

Renovating a kitchen is a large investment in time and money, with any number of decisions to make, depending on the scope of your project. One important detail that shouldn’t be overlooked is your new kitchen hardware. Kitchen hardware includes the knobs, hinges and shelves. Picking the right combination is a key and subtle way to making your kitchen stylish and still efficient.

Knobs, Hinges, Shelves

Knobs Like everything else in your kitchen, knobs come in a bewildering variety of styles, shapes and colors. They are available in materials like plastic, wood, metal, glass, ceramic and many others as well. Most higher quality knobs are constructed of metal.

Hinges– Hinges are a subtle, yet significant part of your new cabinets, and yet people often don’t put much thought into it. Some people like their hinges to stand out and be as much a part of the design of their kitchen as everything else. Others prefer their cabinet hinges to be hidden, giving their cabinets a smoother look with unbroken lines. Regardless of what type you go with, make sure they don’t clash with the knobs. You want your hinges to blend and enhance, not stand out and glare.

Shelves– The kitchen hasn’t been made that has enough storage space, but picking the right type of shelving or racks can go a long way to alleviating the problem. Racks slipped in a cupboard are perfect for organizing over-sized flat tools such as cutting boards and baking sheets. Having shelves cut to fit corners is another way to maximize space usage. A Lazy Susan is also a good alternative.

Professional Design Help

The pro’s behind Outer Banks Kitchen Renovations, CK Custom Kitchens, is the foremost provider of kitchen hardware on the Outer Banks, and their professional designers will be happy to help you match your new cabinets with the perfect kitchen hardware. If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, fill out the contact form and let one of our professional sales staff make an appointment to talk with you. And as a bonus for filling the form out, we’ll waive the design fee, a $200 savings! With our 3D modeling design software, we can show you what your new kitchen will look like before you even start!

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