Choices For Kitchen Lighting

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An important part of any kitchen renovation is the lighting. Your options for lighting your kitchen are myriad, and you want to maximize your lighting in the area you have to get the effect you want. The professionals behind Outer Banks Custom Renovations, CK Custom Kitchens, has dozens of satisfied customers and their friendly, professional staff will be happy to help you pick the perfect lighting option for your newly remodeled kitchen!

Three Main Styles

There are three main configurations of lighting, with different purposes depending on your illumination needs. Let’s cover them here so you can start to decide which types will be right for you.

  • Ambient Lighting– Ambient lighting is the soft lighting that you get from indirect light sources such as windows and doors, or from standard lighting fixtures. Ambient light is general purpose, allowing you to do all of your daily tasks, as well as navigate your way through the kitchen at night.
  • Accent Lighting– Accent lighting is soft lighting that highlights the areas of your kitchen you want to draw attention to. Whether it’s inside a glass door cabinet for a dramatic look, or spotlights on your vast collection of cookbooks, or even along the top of the walls to make the room seem bigger, accent lighting can help you get amazing results. It also can be used to create a mood of relaxation and tranquility.
  • Task Lighting– Task lighting is the brighter more focused light that you mount in areas where you;ll be doing more concentrated work. Above counters, sinks and stoves, these lights let you see what you’re working on far better than ambient lighting, providing you with a safer and more effective work environment.

Lighting is one of the most important, and most overlooked, aspects of a kitchen renovation. Why spend so much time on picking out just the right kitchen cabinets just to let them sit in the darkness of an inferior lighting system? Your lights have a critical effect on your kitchen, and influence your level of comfort in the kitchen.  Let Custom Kitchens help you pick just the right lighting for your new cabinetry.

Fill out the contact form on this page to talk to one of our professional staff about your kitchen renovation. And once you fill it out, we’ll waive the $200 design fee. We’re able to show you a 3D design of your kitchen with your new lighting in place so you can see it before you buy it. So fill out the form and talk to a professional today.

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