Endless Lighting Choices for Your Outer Banks Home

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We talked about the three main lighting styles recently, and now we are going to discuss some of your choices for those styles.

  • Pendant Lighting – Pendants are lights that hang from the ceiling and cast either direct or diffuse light.  Pendant lights are useful for both general and task lighting and are available in almost any style.
  • Chandelier –A specific type of pendant light, chandeliers also hang from the ceiling but shine light from multiple sources.  They are often quite ornate and have been gaining popularity.
  • Ceiling Fixture – Ceiling fixture are physically attached to the ceiling (not hanging).  They require less ceiling clearance than pendants or chandeliers and are good for general lighting.
  • Track Lighting – Track lighting is an excellent option if you often redecorate and need to change the positioning of your lights.  Track lights are attached to a continuous device which provides electricity to all lights on the track without the need for individual wiring.  The lights themselves are easily movable to other positions on the track.
  • Recessed Lighting – Recessed lights are hidden, e.g. behind walls, over cabinets, under cabinets.  They are perfect for accent lighting and are also good for general lighting.
  • Wall Fixtures – Lights attached to a wall.  Wall fixtures are often seen in hallways and over stairs.  They are very attractive for lighting a dark corner in any room.
  • Table and Floor Lamps – These are your all purpose, easy to move lights.  The choices are endless for this style of lighting.

The devices available to light your home come in every shape, size, and style imaginable.  Almost any lighting scheme you can imagine is possible nowadays.

Custom Kitchens can help you decide what style of lighting best suits your needs and desires.  Custom Kitchen has been lighting homes on the Outer Banks for many years and has the experience to make your home shine.

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