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Oct 20th, 20101 Comment

In a previous article, we told you how to save space in your kitchen.  As promised, we are back to help you create even more space.

Here is a quick rundown of the first round of space saving tips:

  • Hang it from the Ceiling – Pot racks and wire baskets.
  • Hang it from the Walls – Magnetic knife racks.
  • Get Rid of it – Donate or throw away unused kitchen products, especially small appliances.
  • Hide Small Appliances – Any small appliance you keep should have its own cabinet or shelf space.
  • Get Rid of More – Anything that doesn’t belong on the kitchen should be put in its proper place.

The tips above will help create quite a bit of space in your kitchen, but we both know that you can never have enough free space, so:

  • Organize Cupboards – Cupboards accumulate junk because you can only see the outer surface of stored items.  Sort through all items in a cupboard (especially the ones hiding in the back), and then install a lazy susan or sliding rack in the cupboard.  A sliding rack works like a dresser drawer and allows you to see all of your stored kitchen items.  A lazy susan is similar to a carousel and with one spin you have access to all stored items.  A lazy susan is also excellent for creating corner cabinets where storage is otherwise difficult.
  • Nesting Containers – Food storage containers can take up a lot of space.  Storage bowls will stack, but not very well, and containers of different sizes and shapes will not stack at all.  Just turn on your TV or open a magazine and you will find a plethora of nesting food storage systems.  By nesting, we mean storage containers that easily fit into one another when not in use.  Top brands like Tupperware, Pyrex, Glad, and Rubbermaid all make excellent nesting containers.  I personally have nesting containers from several top brands and several generic sets.  They all work beautifully.
  • Cut Back on the Food – You shouldn’t be surprised that food takes up a lot of space in your kitchen.  That is not a problem, in itself.  The problem is that you most likely have quite a bit of food that you will never get around to eating.  Canned vegetables, dry soup mix, oriental noodles, etc. certainly look small on the shelf, but take up quite a bit of space when added together.  First, check expiration dates and throw out anything past its prime.  Next, ask your family if anyone will ever eat those odd products.  If nobody wants the dry soup mix, then go ahead and get rid of it.  Lastly, before you buy those food items on sale, ask yourself if anyone will actually eat them.

Whew!  That should free up a lot more space in your kitchen.  Don’t worry, we will be back again to help you create some more space!  If we are not careful, you may just end up with an empty kitchenJ

If you are thinking of remodeling to create extra space, call Outer Banks Custom Kitchens.

Outer Banks Custom Kitchens is your place for kitchen and bathroom remodeling on the Outer Banks.  With almost 50 years of experience serving the Outer Banks, we have the knowledge and experience to make your home improvement as wonderful as it can possibly be.

Saving space in your kitchen instead of build an addition to your home means that you can preserve more space outside of your home.  Use this space to advantage with a set of custom cornhole boards.  Cornhole is a fun and safe outside game for the whole family to play, and is a great event for parties!

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